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Early in my walk with Christ, which began in 1986, I had lots of
questions and concerns.  As I began to read and study God's
Word and as I was transforming in the newness of Christ, I
quickly learned that regardless of how long you've been in the
faith, that simple encouragement and compassionate
understanding is a necessity, but sometimes not always easy
to find even among fellow believers, friends and family.  Long
sermons are great, and constructive criticism has its place but
many times all I needed was just simple instructions and
encouragement in faith.  Over the years, I also learned that
there are many others like myself who just need a simple quick
reminder of God's Word, encouragement to keep pressing
forward for the reward in Christ, and a resource to ask
questions or request prayer when needed.

With this in mind, God inspired and directed me to create
Uplifting Word to bless and encourage others by providing an
online audio source for quick references to His Word and
other helpful resources.  March 1, 2008 it was launched.  With
God’s help, my goal is to inspire hope, faith, and direction in
others by effectively using the gifts and talents that God has
entrusted me with for the benefit of His Kingdom.
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Uplifting Word - In the Valley or on the Mountain ... Trust in God.
Trust in God
Uplifting Word
Uplifting Word
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