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Welcome - Uplifting Word’s Audio List is my personal audio
collection of short inspirational and illuminating scripture
messages that you can use as a reference point or starting
place for finding help in faith, with bible verses and lessons
that promote hope and trust in God’s Word.  Life today is
always changing, yet His Word remains the same that we may
comfort of the scriptures to strengthen and
encourage our hearts in every season of life.
Uplifting Word
Uplifting Word
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Listen to words of Christian faith, hope and encouragement for everyday living.
Uplifting Word Scriptures & Inspirational Bible Verses
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List 3
Uplifting Word Short Inspirational Scripture Message
Notes #73
Sharpened by Faith
Uplifting Words
Uplifting Words
    There’s nothing dull about the path that leads to life, actually it’s
    just the opposite.
    Duration 00:00:56

    Christians in New Testament Scripture didn't have the
    conveniences common to us today, yet they were blessed.
    Duration 00:01:00

    Faith Gets IT.  Faith understands what logic and reason can not.
    Duration 00:00:59

  • Answer ...  Four-part Podcast
    In a world of abundant choice, there is yet one source that knows
    how to live life well.
    Duration 00:01:32
    A Sign of Spectacular Grace ...
    Centuries later the richness of His mercy yet flows.
    Duration 00:02:16  
    The Cornerstone of All Wisdom and Truth ...
    With all authority and power, His Name reigns Supreme.  
    Duration 00:06:13
    Great Plan, Great Details, A Great Life ...
    Its not by chance, not by accident, greatness is in the details.
    Duration 00:05:35

    Patience and Faith work together even when promising
    expectations seem long overdue.
    Duration 00:00:59

    Just because an old oil lamp looks rustic, outdated and no
    longer suitable for everyday use, does it really make sense to
    hang it up altogether, to discontinue its usefulness?
    Duration 00:02:19

    The Cares of Life are so much easier to manage when the
    weight of it is properly balanced.
    Duration 00:00:56
    The Tipping Point ...
    The Tipping Point:  a defining moment in a series of events (at
    which point) a series of meaningful reactions occur.
    Duration 00:02:00

    Open up a box of Crayons and mixed in with all those rich vibrant
    colors, warm earth tones, and soft pastels is “GRAY“.
    Duration 00:00:58

    If you compare the pressures of yesteryear with the pressures of
    today, what would you see?
    Duration 00:00:57

    January can set the tone for a fresh start in which to grow and
    prosper; however, bright beginnings are not limited to the start of
    a new year.  
    Duration 00:00:58

    A new year is quickly approaching.  How much promise will it
    Duration 00:01:07

    From reindeers to sleigh rides, much has been created to
    redefine the joy of Christmas, nevertheless Jesus is still worthy.
    Duration  00:01:09

    God does not change, but He will use change for the better.
    Duration  00:00:58

    It’s that time again, but what will Thanksgiving mean this year?  
    Duration 00:00:55

    Like a fruitful harvest, God’s Word is always cultivating and
    always producing to bring forth the yield of His Promise.
    Duration 00:03:08
    Bringing Forth Much Fruit ...
    The Fruit of the True Vine, undervalued by the world, but
    cherished by the Lord.
    Duration 00:03:58
    Fruitful Thinking ...
    Can what we think about really make that big of a difference?
    Duration 00:02:23
    Choice Seeds ...
    Green Apples or Red?  Oranges or Tangerines?  Limes or
    Lemons?  It's a Choice.
    Duration 00:01:00

    It’s barely noticeable at first, then we see it …
    Duration 00:00:57

    Where do you find peace, when troubles are everywhere?
    Duration 00:1:00

    When everyday is a battle for our faith, there are some things we
    must know.
    Duration 00:02:04
    Continuing to Believe ...
    God uses difficult times to advance His Word and His people.
    Duration 00:02:58
    The Experience in Truth ...
    Purpose and truth unveiled.
    Duration 00:04:07
    The Power of Change ...
    Change is not only possible, but according to the Word of the
    Lord, it is to be expected.
    Duration 00:02:02
    Confirmation ...
    For clarity and peace of mind, the Lord will confirm His Word.
    Duration 00:02:47
Uplifting Word
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Then they that feared the Lord
spake often one to another:
and the Lord hearkened, and heard it,
and a book of remembrance was written before him
for them that feared the Lord,
and that thought upon his name.
-- Malachi 3 verse 16
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