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Uplifting Word
Uplifting Word
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Uplifting Word
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Uplifting Word Short Inspirational Scripture Message
Notes #69 - A Refuge in
Times of Trouble
 Inspired - A Refuge in Times of Trouble.
Uplifting Word In Scripture ... Know
    Just like leaving room for dessert after a meal, its a good idea to
    leave room for forgiveness after failures and shortcomings of
    self and others.
    Duration: 00:03:26

    Whether it’s our independent nature and we think we can handle
    it, or because we don’t think God cares about every little detail of
    our life, we tend to carry burdens much longer than we have too.
    Duration: 00:01:20

    Its okay to stand alone for doing the right thing. Not always easy
    to do, but when God is standing with you - all heaven is too.
    Duration: 00:04:24

    When life happens, people tend to make mistakes.
    Duration: 00:00:40

    Where do you go when what you relied on is no longer there?
    What do you hold on to?
    Duration: 00:00:55

    How do you live a clean life after being forgiven?
    Can you start over again?
    Duration: 00:00:44

    Whether through individuals, situations or circumstances, God
    has a way of getting his message across to us. What If we just
    ignore it?
    Duration: 00:00:59

    In spite of what you see, should you remain faithful?
    Is the sacrifice worth it or all for nothing?
    Duration: 00:01:01

    Throughout life there will be times when our spirit needs to be
    healed and restored again.
    Duration: 00:01:10

    Can you calculate the blessing or the reward for doing right in the
    sight of God?
    Duration: 00:02:51

    Ever felt like time has passed you by and what’s missing in your
    life seems either unattainable or lost forever?
    Duration: 00:02:56

    When time is a factor or in extreme situations, God’s power never
    Duration: 00:03:12
Then they that feared the Lord
spake often one to another:
and the Lord hearkened, and heard it,
and a book of remembrance was written before him
for them that feared the Lord,
and that thought upon his name.
-- Malachi 3 verse 16
Uplifting Words
Uplifting Words
In Scripture - I know
that thou canst do
every thing
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