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    Covered landmarks and down trees in heavy snow, is not
    uncommon in winter and can be somewhat disorientating
    to anyone passing through it ...

    A round large fruit with a thick orange-skinned rind, dry flesh,
    many seeds, cooked and eaten as a vegetable or in
    sweet dishes ...

    Fall, the season between summer and winter.
    A natural process and period of time in which our world
    undergoes a change ...

    It’s barely noticeable at first.  High temperatures begin
    to gradually cool.  A gently breeze stirs the air.  The
    evening sun starts to set over the horizon ...

    It’s a common sign to see when traveling.  In some instances
    it’s to be anticipated.  For a variety of road and weather
    conditions, can cause a deviation from the normal course.

    Influenced by the forces of gravity, this hair-raising, fast-paced
    roller coaster ride with all its extreme ups and downs and
    on-the-edge turns is either experienced as being
    exhilarating or nerve-racking.  It all depends on ...

    The Music is All His.
    Each of His feathered creatures has its own tune.  Some
    have a more extensive melody, yet they all contribute ...

    Ever try to write with a dull pencil?  Then you know how frustrating
    it can be and unless it’s sharpened, it won’t be nearly as
    useful for the purpose it was created.

    In the eye of the beholder, broken, jagged and mixed pieces of
    tiles can be viewed as nothing but rubbish to be
    discarded or a wonderful mosaic in the making.  

    Jesus is the only centerpiece that adds fullness of life with
    perfect balance unto all those that center around
    His light.   

    When the strands of life weaken and unravel, like that of a
    garment, no matter how hard we try to keep it together,
    only God can properly mend the weaknesses, breaks and
    losses of our heart.  

    Encouragement for tough times, loss or difficulties of any kind.
    Just as a place of refuge is to provide safety and rest from
    something unpleasant, so does the Lord.  Not only a
    refuge for those treated harshly by others; He is also a
    refuge for all who seek for Him in times of trouble.

    The High Calling in Christ.  
    Rock climbers know that some of the most popular
    climbing destinations have established routes already
    charted and set by those who have gone before them.  

    Living Water nourishes the spirit, satisfying the soul.
    Dry cracked soil happens over time.  Whether it’s from
    neglect or drought, the damaging results will soon
    become obvious.  

    Where is it?  Seeking God for direction.
    God knows where the blessing is and how to direct it
    to us or us to it.  

    Watch the clock, timing is crucial.  
    For better or worse, time brings on a change.  Time can
    be like a friend working for us or our worst enemy working
    against us.  

    The bonus is Jesus Christ.  
    Often times it hard to imagine how our disappointments
    can work to our advantage.  

    Faith and Leadership ... He leads, we follow.
    God gives you His approval to go and directs to cross
    over.  Starting out there’s great enthusiasm, expectation
    and zeal.  Then you hit the fog …

    Contentment is Bliss.
    Along the edge of the fence, the surface is harder, dryer,
    grass is sparse and in some spots there’s nothing but
    plain dirt, all for a lack of water and nutrients.  It’s not the
    place to forage.  

    His Covenant.  His Word.  
    A dry brittle branch already fractured, broken and barely
    hanging on, with the slightest breeze or pressure will
    completely collapse, breaking away from the tree that
    sustained its life.  

    Smoothing out rough spots, wrinkles and blemishes.  
    Wood finishes, whether made from hard wood or soft,
    have a particular sanding processing.   

    Inspiring light.  -  His Light.  His Glory.
    The vessels of God come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  

    Expanding in God.
    Sufficient space is essential for proper growth and

    Wounded in the house of my friends.  
    The stories are endless.  The painful injuries and wounds
    of life are universal having no boundaries.   

    His Masterpiece - Encouragement for self-esteem.  
    It starts as a deep rational thought in mind.  Colors are
    selectively chosen for depth and contrast.  Fine intricate
    details are masterfully created for distinction.   

    Words to ponder for life and living.
    Mirror images, do they compliment one another?  Does
    the inside reflect what is displayed outwardly?

    Christ the same yesterday, today and forever.
    The world outside of Christ is cold and hard.  It offers no
    guarantees except that its rewards are short lived ...

    Sown and Planted in The Rock Christ Jesus.  
    God’s Word can go beyond and take root in the hardest
    of places.

    Recall and Recover.
    Even the best of memories can blur or fade with time if not
    kept alive.  

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Then they that feared the Lord
spake often one to another:
and the Lord hearkened, and heard it,
and a book of remembrance was written before him
for them that feared the Lord,
and that thought upon his name.
-- Malachi 3 verse 16
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