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    Praise and Worship are Choices by Faith.  
    It’s hard to imagine, but every kind of creature was
    confined in that Ark with Noah and his household.  No
    matter how delicate or how fierce, lions and sheep, doves
    and ravens all bunked under one roof with the chosen

    Christian and Spiritual Awareness.
    Every year it happens.  It’s uncontrollable.  It’s formed by
    forces without human interaction.  Somewhere high
    above a wind storm is always brewing.  

    Encouragement for Service in the Lord.
    Help wanted in the Lord.  All encouraged to apply.

    Individuality, Purpose and Chosen by God.
    The accents in the House of the Lord are unique, diverse
    and interesting to say the least.  Like the elements that go
    into a well designed home, His hand selects each piece
    and assigns a place for it according to His plan and

    Life and Soul Restored.
    ... people discard things as junk and having no future
    value, only for it to end up being a restored treasure to

    Encouragement and Faith in God.
    Challenged and victorious on every level.

    Abiding faith in the house and presence of the Lord.
    From the beginning, I began to learn about the struggles
    and challenges of the Christian faith walk.  I read it in the
    scriptures and heard about it from the testimonies of
    others, how our faith would be on trial from time to time.  

    God's Great Works.
    His Word in action.

    Purpose, leadership and individuality.
    A recognizable difference.

    Belief, Trust and Deliverance.
    Against all odds, they were delivered because of their
    trust in God.

    Endurance, Patience and Faith.
    To compete in the race, the athlete not only conditions his
    body, but he must also strengthen his heart and mind to
    finish it.

    Encouragement and Support.
    Each year we anticipate spring, summer, fall and winter
    and make the seasonal adjustment.  Should we not also
    prepare for times of tiredness, fatigue and the stress that
    comes with the seasons and transitions of life?  

    Prayer, Faith and Trust.
    The singing starts well before sunrise.  On this morning,
    one particular early riser chirped on one note and would
    not let it go.  

    Forgiven, Healed and Restored.
    His care for lost sheep.

    You can't see it, but its there.
    Waves of life can only go so far before reaching God's
    break point.

    Created by God
    It's a natural progression that separates light from

    God given Gifts.
    No gift or talent is to small for God to use.

    When you find your place in God, hold on to it, and stay

    Can two walk together unless they agree?

    Seeds of Discord.
    Why they do it and how to overcome it.

    Left or right?  
    When you get here, which way do you go?

    Food for Thought.
    It's there, but it may involve some work to find it.

    God's Great Works.
    His Word in action.

    (Be yourself.)
    Walk according to His pattern for you.  

    Hope in things not seen.

  • Ask for Everything                                                 
    Thoughts ... Prayer.
    I remember thinking, how I was not going to ask God for
    certain things because it was not the reason why I wanted
    Him in my life.

    Thoughts ...
    While driving one day, I came across this slogan,
    Kindness builds character, cruelty destroys it” ...

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Inspired Reading - The Original is Outstanding.
Then they that feared the Lord
spake often one to another:
and the Lord hearkened, and heard it,
and a book of remembrance was written before him
for them that feared the Lord,
and that thought upon his name.
-- Malachi 3 verse 16
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