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Then they that feared the Lord
spake often one to another:
and the Lord hearkened, and heard it,
and a book of remembrance was written before him
for them that feared the Lord,
and that thought upon his name.
-- Malachi 3 verse 16
    Some hurt, others support, but only one heals.  
    They appeared to all be friends and glad to see one
    another as they joked and laughed.  

    Above and Beyond.  
    When the lad provided the materials, the Lord produced
    the results.  

    God disciplines with love.  
    Correction is not always easy to deal with, especially
    when you’re still learning where all the boundaries are.  

    Resting place for mind, soul, and spirit.
    With today’s ever changing economy, a home doesn't  
    necessarily mean the house down the street built with
    wood and stucco.  

    How do you see it?  
    Backwards or forwards?  Is it a view from where you've
    been or where you’re going?

    Life Lessons - Spiritual Growth and Development.  
    In the early days, Hopscotch was one of my favorite

    The love of Christ covers all.  
    Fabric coverings are an everyday basic necessity for life
    and living.    

    Words to lift your spirit and inspire your faith.  
    Out on a limb … that’s how I felt when I began to apply
    God’s Word to my life on a daily basis.  

    Words of Reconciliation in Christ Jesus.  
    There’s not just one reason why leaves fall from its
    branches, there are several.  It’s actually a variety of
    factors taking place at the same time.  

    Purpose driven life in Christ.  
    When I go shopping it’s like being on a mission with one
    major twist.  I’m not a window shopper.  

    Life and Living - fill in the blanks.
    What will fill it …?  Will it be filled with the usual stuff ... or
    something more complimentary?

    Refuge in God.
    When things seem so overwhelming … Look Up.

    Start with the basics.  
    A.  Vision:  How we view our natural surroundings
    contributes to a great degree what we see or don’t see
    through the eye of faith.  

    Classic Treasures.  
    Back in the day, this was a must have.  It was trendy,
    sporty, and definitely a statement all its own.  

    Held up by His Word.  
    Rest with Confidence, Assurance and Peace.

    Praise from the Heart.
    What does praise look like?  It’s genuine …

    God knows how to deliver.
    Traveling downhill with no power to stop or slow down
    and with no place to safely pull over, is life threatening to
    all in the vehicle as well as, to those immediately behind
    and approaching ahead.  

    Wheat, all-purpose or baker’s flour, are a basic ingredient
    for breads, pastries, and sauces.  Commonly used by the
    finest chefs and bakers all over the world, as well as, by
    the rest of us.

    Don't Panic!  
    While seemingly at the brink of disaster and hearing the
    panic of many, Moses nevertheless instructed the people
    to; … Fear not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord

    Great Job!  
    Wait, who’s in charge here?

    Key Prayer Tips … Intercessor requests for others help you move
    on and beyond your own concerns.  
    A.  Be Watchful.  (Internally and externally, God is always
    speaking to communicate a thought, a solution, or an
    awareness of something that pertains to others, not just
    to oneself.  

    Appreciation, Blessings, Happiness and Joy in the Lord
    overcomes … A spirit that drives people away.  
    In an art class, the instructor stated we could draw
    whatever we wanted.  The supplies list was passed out
    and an over view of the class was given of what each
    student could expect.  The instructor stated we could also
    discuss any topic of interest as we sketched our projects.  
    All was going well until she stated one exception.  

    "It's" the Blessing of The Lord.  
    In sunshine or rain, in good times or bad, when skies are
    clear or while the darkest clouds hover above, in victory or
    defeat, God can bless anyone, at anytime.  He's not
    bound by time or circumstance and when He sends His
    blessing He marks “it” in a special way.

    Things to do when you have nothing to do.  
    A.  Listen.  (Listening to a good selection of Christian pod
    casts, radio, CD’s and other broadcasts can help keep
    you informed and encouraged that whatever the situation,
    it’s not an isolated case.  We’re in this together, you are
    not alone.)

    Tip #1 - Bible reading.   
    A.  Start simple.  (The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and
    John are good starting points.  These books provide a
    simple but thorough presentation of Christ’s ministry as it
    began, grew and transformed the lives of everyday

    Working from the inside out.  
    It doesn't seem like it at first, but sin effects and afflicts the
    soul in a very harsh way.  

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