A dry brittle branch already fractured, broken and barely
hanging on, with the slightest breeze or pressure will
completely collapse, breaking away from the tree that
sustained its life.  The
stress from disappointments and
repeated setbacks can have the same effect on one’s faith.  
Even when things are
going well, if trust in God is displaced
and redirected
elsewhere, the results are the same.   
Regardless of the reasons, the aftermath is no less
devastating or painful.

  • Nevertheless he regarded their affliction, when
    he heard their cry: -- Psalms 106 verse 44

When overwhelmed and trying to forget something painful, it’s
not uncommon to also forget good and necessary things too.  
Like deleting a linked file, other files associated with it that
don't need to be erased and which are vital for other functions,
also gets thrown in the trash basket.  Recovering them later is
not so simple.  

  • And he remembered for them his covenant, and
    repented according to the multitude of his mercies.
    -- Psalms 106 verse 45

If we forget, He yet remembers.  If we reach out to Him, He will
do accordingly.  
What a faithful and wonderful God, who
remembers us for good, even when we are at our worst,
remembering our prayers from years ago though we've long
forgotten them.  He keeps His promises to preserve His name
that His glory goes to no other.   

Hope for today, reinforcing your faith and trust in God.

Bible Reference:  King James Version
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Uplifting Word Inspired - He Remembered
He Remembered
by Sharon Johnson  |  08-14-08
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#54  Hope for Today
Uplifting Word - Short Inspirational Scripture Messages
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