There’s nothing dull about the path that leads to life, actually it’s
    just the opposite.
    Duration 00:00:56

    Faith Gets IT.  Faith understands what logic and reason can not.
    Duration 00:00:59

    Just because an old oil lamp looks rustic, outdated and no
    longer suitable for everyday use, does it really make sense to
    hang it up altogether, to discontinue its usefulness?
    Duration 00:02:19

    Open up a box of Crayons and mixed in with all those rich vibrant
    colors, warm earth tones, and soft pastels is “GRAY“.
    Duration 00:00:58

    January can set the tone for a fresh start in which to grow and
    prosper; however, bright beginnings are not limited to the start of
    a new year.  
    Duration 00:00:58

    A new year is quickly approaching.  How much promise will it
    Duration 00:01:07

    From reindeers to sleigh rides, much has been created to
    redefine the joy of Christmas, nevertheless Jesus is still worthy.
    Duration  00:01:09

    It’s that time again, but what will Thanksgiving mean this year?  
    Duration 00:00:55

    It’s barely noticeable at first, then we see it …
    Duration 00:00:57

    Change is not only possible, but according to the Word of the
    Lord, it is to be expected.
    Duration 00:02:02

    Who said you need to have a daily planner filled with
    appointments, events and a long list of things to do …
    to have a full life?
    Duration 00:00:55

    Light has a way of getting through darkness, even when
    you can’t see it.
    Duration 00:01:00

    Children of God have a gift, a God-given ability assigned
    specifically to them, but for what purpose?
    Duration 00:00:58

    So, why endure the adversity?
    Duration 00:01:38

    One word says it all.
    Duration 00:00:59

    Just because God’s messenger did not want to deliver
    The Message, that did not hinder God.
    Duration 00:00:59

    That which is redeemed of the Lord matters.  So much so,
    that it’s written …
    Duration 00:00:42

    Where do we find inspiration to rise above the cares and
    disappointments of life?
    Duration 00:01:00

    In the worst of times, how do we keep hope from fading away?
    Duration 00:01:11

    When encouragement from others is not enough,
    what else is there?
    Duration 00:01:01

    How we view our natural surroundings contributes to a great
    degree what we see or don’t see through the eye of faith.  
    Duration:  00:00:58
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Then they that feared the Lord
spake often one to another:
and the Lord hearkened, and heard it,
and a book of remembrance was written before him
for them that feared the Lord,
and that thought upon his name.
-- Malachi 3 verse 16
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Uplifting Word Inspired - Light Shines on Command
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